Rights to Parking Spots

Mr. Rogers would not approve of the way one Florida man let his neighbors know he didn’t like where they parked.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Gainesville, Florida man was unhappy that his neighbors parked in the spot in front of his house, so he sprayed fire at them while they were still in the car with a commercial flamethrower.  No need for a legal report on that one—quick lesson, don’t spray fire at people with a flamethrower.

Here’s the question that normal human beings, particularly those who live on a street with fewer on-street parking spots available than neighbors who need to park there want to know: does a homeowner have the legal right to the parking spot on the street in front of the house?  Nope.  Your property rights end where the street starts.  That said, if someone is blocking your driveway you have the right to call the police and they’ll ticket or tow the car.  But first talk to the neighbor.  And if you’re the neighbor, be considerate before you get your neighbor all fired up.

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