Intelligence Tests

Apparently it isn’t rocket surgery.  I’m Amy E. Feldman

Here’s a rebuttal to the sayings “it isn’t rocket science” and “it isn’t brain surgery”: a new study that looked at the intelligence of aerospace engineers, neuroscientists, and regular folks found that brain surgeons and rocket scientists are not smarter than the rest of us.  Is that supposed to make us feel better, that rockets are designed to remain in the skies by people just like me?  I’m thinking I’d still like to test their IQ, but is it legal to give IQ tests to job applicants?

It isn’t technically illegal to test applicants, but it can become illegal if those tests have the impact of harming one group of people—like women or minority candidates—more than other groups, unless a company can prove a definite link between the test results and ability to perform job functions—and as anyone who has ever sat next to a guy who thinks he’s Einstein can tell you, an IQ test is rarely a good measure of whether someone is going to make a good coworker.

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