Legal Face Masks

Here’s a public service announcement: panties are not an acceptable face mask.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Face masks go on your face.  Panties go on your bottom.  Hard to believe you need the legal report to tell you that, yet a man was kicked off a United Airlines flight when, either in an effort to, as he claims, show the absurdity of the mask mandate, or show everybody how popular he is with the ladies, he put women’s thong panties on his face.  Didn’t go well for him.

No matter your thoughts on mask mandates, they exist, and federal law requires that among other places where they’re required, everyone on a plane, train, or bus has to wear one.  But what is an acceptable mask?  Federal law says you should comply with CDC guidance, which recommends surgical masks or disposable face masks, or masks made with breathable, tightly woven fabric that doesn’t let light pass through when held up to the light, guidance which apparently doesn’t necessarily apply to panties.

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