El Gordo Lottery

By now, Europeans know who their lucky lottery winners are.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Approximately two hundred million people across Europe bought tickets for the annual Christmastime lottery known as El Gordo—the big one—to win a piece of the nearly four billion dollar pot.  Don’t get too excited, though—there are many, many winners and the biggest prize is worth about four million bucks.

Pfft.  In the US, we know what a real jackpot is, which is why coworkers in many offices pool their money to buy tickets.  But we also know what lottery lawsuits look like, of which there have been plenty, claiming a breach of an oral agreement, often when a guy who always throws in 5 bucks forgets, or when the guy in charge of buying tickets claims that the winning ticket was one he bought separately.  To avoid those, have your group write down rules on what happens if someone forgets or is absent when money is collected, and ask the guy who buys them to photocopy them.  Whether the pot is worth four million or four billion, the friendships are priceless.

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