A listener and I share a common problem—having a common name.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Barbara C. took her husband’s name when she got married in the 1970s, but her married name is a common one, and on several occasions her medical records have been confused with others with the same name.  She wrote to ask how to add her maiden name to official documents.

Barbara, as someone who shares the common name problem, I know you have to check that you’re getting the right file, documents, or even the right to use your own name on your website (hence Amy E. Feldman).  If your social security card doesn’t list both your maiden and married name, you’d need to file a motion with the court to change it officially, and then show the court order to get a new license or new bank account.  But a doctor’s office shouldn’t require official proof just to add your maiden name to your file, so before going to the trouble of a court filing—just ask them to.

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