One listener wants to know how to get out of her timeshare.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

There are happy timeshare owners, but listener Joyce W. isn’t one of them.  She wrote because the ongoing and ever-increasing fees she has to pay for her timeshare make it impossible for her to keep up on a fixed income.  She wants to know how to get out of the timeshare contract.

One option is to contact a timeshare exit company, but the ones with whom Joyce spoke want upfront payments with no guarantees of successful exit.  If you can’t sell it, you can try giving it away, either to someone who will take it for free but then be liable for all future fees, or by offering to give the deed back to the developer to cancel on-going liability.  If the developer won’t take it, there are lawyers who specialize in timeshare exits.  They’ll charge you a fee but it will likely be less than the ongoing fees you’re trying to get out of in the first place.  Thanks for listening, Joyce, and good luck!

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