A woman who mooned a cashier sued over the photo (of her face) that appeared in an article about the incident.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A woman was arrested after a Florida Best Buy refused to let her use a coupon, so she mooned the cashier.  That’ll show ‘em. Ten days later, an article in the highly specific publication Coupons In The News published an article entitled “Pantless Couponer Arrested in Checkout Dispute” along with a photo of her mugshot.  How psyched must the editor have been to find an interesting topic on the subject of couponing?

The woman sued the publication because if a company wants to use your photo or other likeness to promote its product or service, it has to get your permission.  She said their use of her mugshot violated that law because the article was really just an advertisement, but the court disagreed, finding that the article was… an article, not an ad.  She appealed and lost again.  Now she won’t get another crack at it.

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