Fake Vaccine Cards

I’m Amy E. Feldman with why fully vaccinated college students are still getting fake vaccine cards.  

There is a hot market for fake vaccine cards on college campuses, even among students who have real vaccine cards.  That’s because a real vaccine card matches a person’s real driver’s license, which shows his real age, which may not really be 21.  But to get into bars that require proof of vaccination, a vaccine card has to match your ID, so there’s a growing market for fake vaccine cards that match a student’s fake ID on college campuses.

Here’s the thing: vaccine cards have two federal seals, one from the CDC and one from HHS, and forging a federal seal is punishable by a fine and up to five years in prison.  Most people who have been sentenced to prison are those who sell thousands of fake cards, but any arrest for vaccine card fraud can prevent you from getting jobs in certain industries.  So this is a reminder not to risk your future for a beer today.

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