Noisy Neighbor Nighttime Flushing

In Italy, a noisy toilet was just ruled a human rights violation.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Italy’s Supreme Court just issued a ruling in favor of a couple who lived in an apartment who’d sued their neighbors for the intolerable noise created by the neighbors’ flushing toilet.  The court found that because the water tank was embedded in the wall that abutted the couple’s headboard, the nighttime flushing interfered with the couple’s sleep and right to health under the human rights code, which seems a tad dramatic.

But if you live in an apartment or condo with noisy neighbors, you want to know what you can do if your neighbor is disturbing you?  First, check the lease or homeowners’ association rules and regulations which almost always discuss acceptable noise levels and if it’s too loud, you can file a complaint with the landlord or the board.  But before you do that, talk to your neighbors—you know, the folks you will see every day—before you flush that relationship right down the toilet.

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