Antonio Brown Defamation Lawsuit

Antonio Brown is threatening a lawsuit for defamation.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

When now-former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Antonio Brown pulled off his jersey and stormed off the field before the end of his team’s win over the Jets, the head coach of the Bucs confirmed, by what can only be described as rather obvious understatement, that Brown was “no longer a Buc.”  It’s how the team later characterized the incident as a “mental health episode” that was, according to Brown, defamatory.  And while Brown has said that he doesn’t have an issue with mental health; in fact, according to him, he has “mental wealth,” what he wants now is the monetary wealth from the team on the basis of that statement.

Legally, defamation is a false statement of fact that harms an individual’s reputation or ability to earn a living.  But even if the statement is false, he’ll still have to prove that it was the statement and not his behavior that harmed his reputation or ability to earn a living, and that’s going to be a high hurdle when the world saw him disrobe and storm off.

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