Human Composting

The phrase “pushing up daisies” is very apt in this situation.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.


The phrase “pushing up daisies” is very apt in this situation. #legaltok #humanremains #decomposing

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When organic farmer, Bob Cantisano, “Amigo Bob” as he was known, passed away, his widow, Jenifer Bliss, knew just what to do with his remains: as she told the news outlet The US Sun this week, she brought his body to Recompose, the first-of-its-kind human composting facility that turns human remains into soil. 

Burial, cremation, and donation of a body are all legal options for the disposal of human remains—but now there’s another option called Natural Organic Reduction—the transformation of human remains into soil.  So far, it’s legal in three states: Washington, Colorado, and Oregon, but bills to legalize it are currently being debated in several others, including California, Hawaii, New York, Vermont, and Delaware.  It’s not for everyone, but Ms. Bliss believes that it was the right choice to allow Amigo Bob to remain a friend of the earth.

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