Who’s a good dog? Not these pooches. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

British insurance company Aviva recently revealed some of the most notable homeowners insurance claims for damage caused by the family dog, including a claim for almost five thousand dollars in damage caused by a family’s Great Dane, which managed to turn on the faucet when his owners weren’t home and flooded the house, and the dog who got so excited by a dog in a commercial he knocked over the owner’s big screen TV. 

Those bad doggies aren’t alone. The insurance company said it receives about 800 claims for damage caused by pets a year, with an average cost of those claims around fourteen hundred dollars. While liability coverage may be available if your pet damages someone else’s property, or hurts someone, you should have a savings fund to cover damage caused by your own pet’s chewing, scratching, tearing or fouling in your house because most homeowners policies do not cover those doggone claims.

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