Senior Prank

Before you participate in a senior prank, you might want to hold your horses. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Gallup High School in New Mexico called the police and suspended dozens of students indefinitely over last week’s senior prank in which students got into the school after hours and left a trail of toilet paper, streamers, and glitter in their wake even though the school admitted the prank caused zero dollars of damage and was cleaned up in two hours. Gallup is running neck and neck in the who can overreact most category, with the administration in a Virginia high school, which expelled a student for riding an actual horse through the hallways as a senior prank last month. 

Every year, students get in trouble for senior pranks, some of which lead to arrests, so word to the wise: avoid stealing stuff, vandalizing anything, trespassing, particularly with alcohol, and any time people or animals, like a school mascot, get hurt, it will lead to charges. Whether or not the prank is illegal, you can still be disciplined by the school so you might want to just say “neigh” if asked to participate.

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