Unwanted Birthday Party Lawsuit

A jury just found a company liable for its way too aggressive approach to birthday parties. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Kentucky employee asked his office manager not to throw him a birthday party as was the office custom on employees’ birthdays because being the center of attention triggered his panic attack disorder. The office threw him one anyway, which triggered a panic attack. He texted the office manager later asking why she had ignored his request to accommodate his disorder.  He was confronted and criticized for his reaction to the unwanted party and fired four days later. 

Geez, those guys take their cake and balloons seriously, unlike the way they take requests to accommodate a disability apparently which, according to the jury, they were liable to do under the Americans With Disabilities Act. The jury awarded him four hundred fifty thousand dollars in damages. It’s a good reminder: if someone says “no thank you,” grant them their wish, and move along.

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