Airline Flight Changes

One listener wants to know if it’s false advertising for an airline to change your flight schedule. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Is there an industry that hates its customers more than the airline industry? Hard to think of any. Listener David G. booked a flight with flying time of about five and a half hours but was later notified after he paid that he’s being rerouted onto flights that will take more than seven hours and wants to know if that’s illegal. So frustrating!

But while federal regulations make it illegal to advertise a ticket price that isn’t the total price, as for flight time changes, you’re owed a refund—not penalties for the frustration they’ve caused you, of course—only if the carrier cancels the flight or makes a significant schedule change and you decide not to fly. The definition of a “significant” change is not defined, of course, so you can ask your airline if you want your money back. Like everything else, they may offer you peanuts.

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