A new NASA project isn’t illegal, but it’s odd. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

In what seems to be NASA’s attempt at finding a date on alien Tinder, and this is real, NASA is planning to beam a message to alien civilizations that will include a pixelated drawing of a naked man and woman, next to a depiction of DNA. I guess depending on how attractive NASA draws them, the message will either be “hello sailor,” or “hey you aliens, stay off our lawn.” 

The fear of many real humans is that their actual nude photos or intimate videos will be beamed out across the internet without their consent. There’s good news: 42 states now have laws that outlaw distribution of so-called revenge porn, the posting of sexually explicit pictures or videos in order to harass or annoy the person.  The victim can file a lawsuit for money and to get the images taken down, and there can be criminal charges if the victim’s underage. 

As for the nude alien bait, no complaints so far.

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