You know the old saying “always the bridesmaid never the bride”? In one case it’s, “never the bridesmaid, always the plaintiff.” I’m Amy E. Feldman.

If you thought having to wear that ugly bridesmaid’s dress was awful, turns out NOT wearing it is even worse, at least for one British ex-bridesmaid who got a haircut two weeks before a wedding, which displeased the bride, who kicked her out of the wedding party. The ex-bridesmaid, who’d bought $800 worth of dresses for the wedding events sued the bride—and just won her case. 

Now, this is different than a typical contract case ‘cause there’s no actual contract: If you agree to buy an ugly dress then I agree to let you walk down the aisle in it. But there is a legal concept called detrimental reliance that says even without a formal contract, if someone makes you a promise—say, to get to stand next to her on her big day—and based on that promise you go out and spend a lot of money? Well, you could win your case, although you’ll almost surely lose a friend in the legal process.

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