One listener wants to know how long he has to sue his son. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Clark, a Pennsylvania listener, co-signed a loan for his son in 2013. His son reimbursed him for 25 months, but then stopped paying. Clark made the remaining payments until his son traded in the car in 2018. In March of 2021, the son agreed to a monthly repayment plan, but stopped after one payment. 

Clark knows in Pennsylvania you can only sue for a debt for four years so he needs to know: if he chooses to sue his son, when does that four years start running—when he stopped paying, when he traded in the car, or when he restarted the payments? The good news is if a debtor defaults as the son did in 2015 but then makes a payment after the default as he did in 2021, the time would run from that last payment date, so he could sue—the bad news is it means Clark could sue his son, never a father’s first choice.

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