British authorities are considering a law to protect child influencers. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Everyone who’s ever told their kids to put down that cell phone and go get a job is slightly horrified to learn exactly how much money influencers—people with a large enough social media following that companies pay them to sponsor posts and represent brands—can make. 

What a strange new world—but some things are not so new, like child labor exploitation, which can lead to privacy and security risks for kids from unscrupulous websites, talent agents, even family members who’ve started seeing their kid as their meal ticket. 

That’s why the British Parliament is considering a bill right now that will protect child influencers and create a code governing contracts between child influencers and businesses. That doesn’t yet exist in the US either, so it’s up to parents here to tell kids to step away from their phones, even if it means losing money by making them get a real job.

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