You know those waivers parents sign so kids can do fun stuff? About that… I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Fifteen years ago, then seven-year-old Carter Justice’s mom signed a waiver letting him jump on an inflatable at a birthday party. Carter fell out of the inflatable and onto concrete, causing a brain injury. When he turned 18, Carter Justice filed a lawsuit claiming the waiver signed by his mom was not specific enough, and should not prevent him from being allowed to file a lawsuit for his injury. 

The Minnesota Supreme Court will now decide the case based on the specific wording of the waiver Mr. Justice’s mom signed, but it will also be considering a broader question: whether—and when—it’s fair to allow parents to sign a form waiving a child’s right to file a lawsuit if the child is harmed. The defense argues if the court doesn’t rule in its favor , all of the waivers parents have to sign to let kids participate in activities will be invalidated. As for Mr. Justice, he says he’s looking for, well, justice.

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