Trout Fantasy League

Boys! By which I mean: grown men! Act your age. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Mike Trout is on a path to be a hall of fame baseball player but there’s some disagreement whether he’s doing such a great job as commissioner—of a fantasy football league that is. At least according to Tommy Pham, a Cincinnati Reds outfielder, who’s a member of Trout’s fantasy league, who slapped co-fantasy league member Giants center fielder Joc Pederson before a real baseball game ‘cause he thought Pederson had cheated in fantasy and taunted him. 

Luckily for them they weren’t betting on baseball, which Pete Rose can tell you is a bad idea, but those of us who aren’t up for the Baseball Hall of Fame anyway still want to know: is gambling on fantasy sports legal? In general, it is legal as long as you’re not betting on the outcome of a particular game, the prize is set ahead and not based on the number of participants, and it’s based on participant’s knowledge and not chance. Good news: you can still be a hall of fame human though, if you remember don’t cheat, don’t taunt and don’t hit.

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