PGA Bans LIV Tournament Players

The PGA has taken some harsh measures to prevent competitors from taking their people. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

The PGA has a new competitor called LIV Golf whose twenty-five million dollar per tournament purses have attracted some of the best golfers in the world, and the PGA isn’t taking it lying down. They announced PGA players participating in the LIV tournaments would be banned from current and future PGA events, but is that legal? Yep.

All PGA players are given a hundred-page handbook which, I’m guessing, most players treat like most employees when given their company’s handbook which is to say, probably threw it in a closet and didn’t look at it. It says they have to get a release from the PGA to participate in conflicting events, which the PGA didn’t grant, so players are in violation. It’s a lesson to all employees: read the handbook. It may also be a lesson to the PGA and employers: your best asset is your people. Be careful what you threaten or they just might find greener pastures.

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