Unrestrained Pets

No wonder the guy was speeding. He probably wanted to get away from his passenger. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Michigan police tried to pull over a speeding vehicle last week, only to have the driver give chase. Bad decision number one. He was caught after he accidentally wedged his car between two trees—bad decision number two—only for police to find he had an unharnessed alligator in the backseat. And there’s the bad decision trifecta. But he’s not alone in his bad decision-making. 

Studies show that fewer than twenty percent of those traveling with pets buckle them up in a vehicle.  If you’re taking your pet on vacation, you should know that two states—New Jersey and Rhode Island—make it illegal to travel with an unrestrained pet, and in many states, people can be charged with distracted driving if they are distracted by a pet in the car. Beyond the legality, pets who aren’t harnessed can be seriously injured or killed even in a minor accident if the airbag deploys, especially if you’re on the road with a tail-gator.

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