Pest Control Contracts

How much would someone have to pay you to let cockroaches into your home? I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A North Carolina pest control company is looking to pay homeowners two thousand dollars to let them infest the house with a hundred cockroaches so they can test the effectiveness of a new extermination plan. There isn’t enough money on Earth as far as I’m concerned. Most people are willing to pay double that to get rid of cockroaches.

If you should be in need of pest control services, be aware of legal considerations before you hire a company. First, ask to see their license—by law, they have to be licensed and insured and have the training to use pesticides properly. Second, ask what areas of your home will be serviced or excluded, and if there are pests or rodents they won’t remove. Finally, you’ll be legally bound by any contract you sign with them so read it to see if there’s gonna be a recurring monthly charge. And if they plan to remove the bugs that they brought in, walk away.

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