Bad Supervision

Whose fault is it if you’re fired for violating company policy?  One employee had an interesting theory. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A police officer in the UK was fired after he was found to have accessed pornsites at work almost daily for two years. After he was fired, the married former officer argued he was terminated unfairly because the department should have been better at monitoring his internet use and should have stopped him sooner. Seriously, how did they not notice that? 

It does raise a question—if a company keeps an employee whom they know or suspect is violating company policy, does the employee have an argument that this was just a failure to supervise? Obviously it’s bad supervision. But that does not mean that the bad worker is protected just ‘cause he has a bad supervisor. Neither the UK tribunal hearing his case—nor his wife, one imagines—found his claim meritorious.

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