Fake Cop

A fake police officer was just arrested by the real police. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Monica Gitau, who is running for Kenyan Parliament, appeared on TV in Kenya dressed in full police uniform to discuss law and order and her effort to increase public security. So, mission accomplished. Police did make an arrest—they arrested her for impersonating an officer which she’s not.  

There are accounts of people being pulled over by fake cops here in the US where there are unmarked police cars, so how can you tell if it’s really the police? Well, in most jurisdictions, there must be more than one siren on an unmarked car and the lights will flash from inside the dash as well as the headlights. If you question if it’s a real police officer, turn on your flashers to let the police know you’re not trying to flee, proceed slowly with your flashers on to a well-lit area, and call 911 to check. 

And if instead of your license you’re asked for your vote, you can be pretty sure it’s not the real police.

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