Stanley Cup Delivered by Mistake

Honey, the Stanley Cup you didn’t win is here. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

It’s like a hockey fan’s dream come true, at least temporarily. The Stanley Cup was supposed to be delivered to Colorado Avalanche Captain Gabriel Landeskog’s house but it was misdelivered to a neighbor instead. Wait, what? The captain gets to keep the trophy? At his house? What does he do with it? Use it as a cake topper? Put it on the mantle? Does the guy who isn’t Landeskog have to return it? Well, that one I know the answer to: yes.  

People don’t often get a huge silver trophy by accident, but they often get packages they didn’t order. Whether you can keep it depends on the sender’s intent. If a company sends you freebies so you’ll try their product, or a charity sends you a gift so you’ll be guilted into donating, it’s yours and you can keep it for free. But if the package is meant for someone else and delivered by mistake, you don’t want a face off with authorities—you have to return it or it’s theft.

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