Going on vacation this summer? I’m Amy E. Feldman with rules to consider if you’re hiring—or working—as a pet sitter.

A woman was slammed online for posting an ad for a dog sitter, because of the strict rules she posted, including that the sitter must sign a contract agreeing to be financially responsible if anything happened to the dog or to her stuff. Does seem aggressive for a help wanted ad. 

But she might be onto something—this year alone there’ve been lawsuits by pet owners whose pets have died in the care of a pet sitter, by a pet sitter who was disfigured by an aggressive dog, and by a former pet owner whose sitter refused to give the dog back. So it might behoove anyone thinking of hiring or being a pet sitter to write a contract with terms like how often the pet should be walked, what to do if the animal seems sick—and the salary, which the aggressive woman didn’t mention, and whose ad may have driven up the price for anyone still willing to take the job.

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