What does a State Attorney General Do?

A listener wants to know what the state attorney general actually does. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Lisa, a Pennsylvania listener, wrote in because she’d called the state attorney general’s office to report a scam, and they told her they could contact the company to request her money back, but she’s dubious, writing, “Well, if that’s all it took, I’d have my money back now,” and wants to know what is the function of the attorney general’s office?  The answer is: maybe more than you think. 

The AG is the state’s top law enforcement official, and it has several divisions including criminal law division, the civil division which defends stage agencies, and the public protection division, which has a team of investigators who investigate and mediate complaints brought by consumers. While they don’t always agree with the consumer, if the attorney general is willing to investigate or mediate your complaint, you’d be surprised the different effect that a call from an angry consumer has compared to a call from a state investigator asking questions.

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