Ring Video Surveillance

You know all the videos that the Ring doorbell cameras capture? Yeah, so do the police. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

In response to an inquiry by US Senator Ed Markey who asked Amazon for information about the surveillance practices of its home security system Ring, Amazon revealed it’s provided doorbell footage to police eleven times this year without the user’s permission. Ring has said it won’t share customer information with police without consent, a warrant, or due to “an exigent or emergency” situation, which is how it explained the eleven releases. 

That means customers would not have a claim for use of the video, those out in public do not have a legal expectation of privacy, and there is no federal law that prohibits the federal government authorities’ use of biometric data, so police can use that surveillance to create a profile of the people on the video. The bottom line then is: it seems like an invasion of privacy doesn’t it? But there is no law prohibiting it, so here’s the lesson: do not expect privacy when you’re out in public.

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