Wedding Guest Liability

One drunken wedding guest offers many lessons on liability. And sparklers. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A viral video has garnered over nine million views of a wedding guest whose drunken dancing with a sparkler in each hand managed to set the grass centerpiece at the barnyard nuptials on fire. Upon being alerted to the fire, the guest then used his arm to knock the arrangement to the floor, where he stomped it out. The plastered pyro then went back to dancing, until a woman who one assumes is his long-suffering wife told him to calm down. 

You know who else might have suggested he calm down? The bride and groom, or whomever was the host of the party. And certainly lawyers who know there is liability if a guest gets drunk and causes damage to people or property.  If you’re hosting a wedding, check the contract with the venue and the bartenders to see who indemnifies whom for over serving ‘cause it could be you. Also, word to the decorators: maybe keep the sparklers out of a wedding at a barn with grass centerpieces.

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