Off Duty Conduct

A new lawsuit tells of lawyers and strippers and fathers. Oh my. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

According to a new lawsuit, after a California law firm’s Christmas party, the managing partner took associates to a strip club where he paid for a female associate—slash plaintiff in this lawsuit—to get a lap dance, which is where she says she was humiliated, especially because her father, who had seen the location of her cell phone, showed up at the club and confronted the partner. Huh, just like that an X-rated tale has suddenly turned all Gen Z. 

The defendant said this was just a voluntary social outing so he can’t be held liable. But here’s the thing: your boss is still your boss even when he leaves the four walls of the office because no matter where you are, employees will feel pressured to go along, so it’s not generally a good defense for a boss to claim he was just off duty. Lesson to the boss: visit the strip club with your buddies, not your underlings. As for you, Dad, if your kid is a lawyer, trust that she can fight her own battles.

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