Bass Pro Socks Lawsuit

What is the lifetime of a sock? One lawsuit aims to find out. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A Missouri man filed a class action lawsuit against Bass Pro because he says it isn’t honoring its lifetime warranty on socks. He says he bought about a dozen pairs over the past decade and has returned many threadbare—and, one hopes, washed—and each time, was given new ones, but this time, Bass Pro replaced them with a pair with only a sixty-day warranty so he sued. 

Well, how long do they have to keep that guy in socks? What is the legal definition of a lifetime in a lifetime warranty? The life of the purchaser? The store that sold them? Well, there is no single legal definition. Instead, the manufacturer can decide how long it is—as long as they tell the consumer at the time of purchase which didn’t happen here. Maybe instead of changing its policy, Bass Pro should just wait until the buyers’ dryer makes them disappear.

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