Driving a Boat Under the Influence

One boat captain took partying too far. I’m Amy E. Feldman. 

Some may argue it’s not a party until the police and the pollution response team have to be called. And if that’s your standard, then it was quite the party in Croatia last week when a boat captain there was arrested for operating under the influence after the boat he was captaining sank after it struck a pier. His blood alcohol content at the time of the incident was over 0.10.

When we think of drunk driving, we think of someone who is driving a car while impaired, but you don’t have to be driving a car. You simply have to be operating a motor vehicle while impaired, and the motor vehicle has included people who’ve been arrested while operating motorcycles, riding lawn mowers, a Zamboni (that was in Canada, unsurprisingly) a jetski, or in the Croatian incident, a tour boat with more than forty people on it. If drinking is what floats your boat, hire someone else actually to drive it.

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