Disability Behavior Lawsuit

What happens at a sales conference doesn’t stay in her hotel room at a sales conference. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A woman attending a sales conference at a hotel in St. Louis knocked on the door of her colleague’s hotel room at midnight in her robe. When he opened the door, even though he told her she had the wrong room, she walked right over to his made bed, got in, and became unresponsive. If this were a letter in Penthouse Letters, the ending would be quite different than what actually happened, which is he called HR, who sent a rep came over to the room to wake her from what she says was a sleepwalking incident, and told her to see a doctor, who confirmed she suffers from somnambulism—sleepwalking. 

She was terminated a week later but sued, claiming she was fired on the basis of her medical condition. The court disagreed. The lesson is even if you have a medical condition, you can still be fired for the behavior you exhibit. Also, don’t believe everything you read in Penthouse Letters.

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