Inflatable Rat Union Protest

Well, if your name is literally Staab, how else are you going to protest a giant inflatable rat? I’m Amy E. Feldman.

You’ve probably seen giant inflatable rats before because they’re a frequently used prop for unions protesting a business’s use of non-union labor. Recently, the daughter of the owner of Staab’s Funeral Home in Springfield, Illinois, stabbed an inflatable rat being used to protest the funeral home’s use of non-union roofers eight times. 

Employers hate them, and many have filed lawsuits, but in 2011 the National Labor Relations Board ruled that a union’s use of inflatable rats is NOT an unlawful activity when directed at a secondary employer. Ms. Staab has been charged with criminal damage to property. According to the union’s business manager it’s not believed the flaccid rat can be repaired, which is an unusual collection of words. Assuming the rat does not pull through, we certainly know where that rat’s funeral will not be held.

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