Monitoring Driving a Personal Vehicle

A listener wants to know whether his employer can monitor him—when he’s in his own car. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Paul wrote in because as a delivery driver, he understands why his company uses a fleet tracking management system that lets them monitor the driver’s speed, braking, and other aspects of driving in the company’s vehicle. But Paul’s employer  just asked him to submit to monitoring when he’s driving his own private car on his personal time. 

He wants to know if that’s an invasion of privacy. Huh, it’s outrageous! Obnoxious! You know, colloquially speaking. Legally speaking, it is legal. Under the law, you have the right to privacy in places where you’d expect privacy, like a bathroom. But if you’ve agreed to be monitored, by definition, it’s not an invasion of something you already know you don’t have. It’s not clear how they could be sure that you’re the one driving if it’s a family car or in this job market where they’d find your replacement if you walk away.

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