Cost of Litigation

One man certainly demonstrated his commitment to the principle of the matter, that’s for sure. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A court in India just ruled in favor of a man who was overcharged the equivalent of twenty-five cents for train tickets he bought in 1999.  And all it took him to win that case was –I kid you not—one hundred court appearances over twenty-two years. Other than the cost of his time, which I’m guessing he has valued at not much, how much money it cost him to win that quarter is unclear.

You may have seen ads for lawyers who don’t get a fee unless you win your case.  But many people don’t realize that doesn’t mean they won’t have to pay anything if they don’t win.  The lawyer might not be paid for his time, but the firm may have paid costs for the depositions, court administrative fees and other costs that a plaintiff sometimes has to reimburse even if the lawyer didn’t win. So ask not just about the fees but also any costs you’ll have to pay before you board that litigation train.

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