Coca-Cola QR Codes

A new flavor of Coke now lets you taste the feeling…of using a QR code. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Coca-Cola Creations recently announced its new Coca-Cola Dreamworld flavor, which comes with its own QR code that, when scanned, gives consumers access to an Augmented Reality music experience. So many questions, like: does dreamworld taste like the feeling you’ve gone to class in your pajamas? And that quenches my thirst? Also, anything to know about QR codes? 

Well, I can answer the third question. QR—Quick Response—codes are like bar codes—they can be scanned by your phone’s camera app and then used to open a website. But you should know there are very few US regulations on the commercial use of QR codes, so companies can collect information like your name, phone number and payment info if you enter it, which can be linked so retailers know your ordering habits. Might want to ask how your data is handled and then decide if you should just pick up a diet coke at the market instead.

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