Reporting Animal Emergencies

Japanese authorities proved that sometimes life does imitate art. If, by art, you mean the movie Old School. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Japanese authorities armed with tranquilizer guns were interviewing an eyewitness who’d reported seeing a monkey wandering the area when the tranquilizer discharged, shooting the eyewitness in the arm, causing her to immediately lose consciousness. The woman’s now fine, but the monkey’s still on the loose. So who should you call if you see a monkey or have an animal emergency? 

Animal control is the government agency that investigates reports of stray, abused, or injured domestic animals. You’d call wildlife control or a removal company to remove non-domestic animals like raccoons. But not all circumstances necessitate getting either involved: a neighbor’s barking dog, for example, is better handled by calling your neighbor. Regardless, don’t call 911 unless it’s a human emergency. Like getting shot with a tranquilizer dart while reporting a monkey on the loose.

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