“Hey you kids, stop AirDropping nude photos or I will turn this airplane right around,” said one Southwest pilot. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A pilot on a Southwest flight to Cabo made an announcement to passengers that went viral after its recent posting on TikTok.  “Whatever that AirDrop thing is,” he said, “quit sending naked pictures,” and, in what can only be described as true #Dadstyle, threatened to turn the plane around if it didn’t stop. 

AirDrop is a feature that lets users within about thirty feet of each other share files on mobile devices with anyone within range. You don’t have to accept a file that’s offered, but the notification has a picture that you can’t unsee. The pilot was right to stop it because employers are legally obligated protect workers like the flight attendants from customers who harass them. And if you’re sending unsolicited pictures indiscriminately, remember  you could be flashing a child’s phone, which would set you up for criminal charges, not to mention literally getting you grounded.

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