A mouse jiggler probably isn’t what you think.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

News agency CNBC recently tested mouse jigglers, and not for pest control (or pest amusement, for that matter).  They’re so-called “solutions” to avoid the productivity monitoring software that employers are using on employees’ computers and they work like a turntable.  When you rest your mouse on it, it moves the cursor slowly to prevent the screen from turning off.

But is it even legal for your employer to monitor you?  Yep.  If you’re using your company’s equipment on their network, it’s legal for your employer to monitor you, whether you’re working at the office or even remotely, especially if you’ve agreed to be monitored, which you probably did when you signed into the network.  As for the mouse jiggler, the device itself is not illegal, but trying to convince your office that you’re working when you aren’t is a violation of company policy at best, fraud at worst.  So save your jiggling and other hobbies for your off time.

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