Duty to Fix Someone’s Credit

An Atlanta landlord found out what happens when you don’t fix someone’s credit that you harmed.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A brother and sister were renting an Atlanta apartment when the pipes caused their apartment to flood.  The siblings asked that the landlord move them to another apartment or house them in a hotel until the significant water damage could be remediated.  When the landlord refused, they documented the damage that made the apartment uninhabitable and moved out.

But the landlord charged them fees for breaking the lease, and when they didn’t pay, told the credit reporting agencies.  The siblings sued and the landlord settled the case agreeing to fix their credit report but never did.  Now a judge found the landlord was in contempt of court, and charged the landlord two thousand dollars for every day the credit was not fixed.  The landlord has since fixed the credit report, but it’s a good lesson:  if your business makes a mistake that harms someone’s credit, fix it.  Or the credit you lose, literally and figuratively, could be your own.

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