Sending Live Iguanas

A New York family was surprised by what was delivered to their doorstep.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Police in Port Chester, New York recently received a call from a family who opened a package containing live lizards and an iguana that had been delivered to the wrong address.  What was the correct address?  ‘Cause there’s a house I’m not visiting.

What was perhaps most surprising—well, maybe not as surprising as receiving a mislabeled box of amphibians—is that under postal regulations, the post office allows the shipment of some live animals, including honey bees, birds, scorpions, and other small, harmless cold-blooded animals like lizards.  That said, even if it can legally be mailed, it is illegal to send or deliver anything including animals, insects, or as one unfortunate recipient found, excrement, if it’s sent to threaten or harass the recipient.  Regardless, make sure you’ve got the right address so your package goes to someone who wants it, and not someone who will call the police to report it.

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