Nicki Minaj Defamation Lawsuit

Singer Nicki Minaj recently filed a lawsuit against a blogger who called her a cokehead.  I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Nicki Minaj just filed a seventy-five thousand dollar lawsuit against a gossip blogger for saying: “Minaj is shoving all this cocaine up her nose.  Allegedly.  But we all know it’s true.”  Yeah, use of the word “allegedly” is not enough to avoid a lawsuit when it’s followed by “we know it’s true.”

But celebrities don’t often file defamation claims for a couple of reasons, including the fact they have to prove the statement is false; the fact that unlike a private citizen, a celebrity also has to prove that the alleged defamatory statement was made with malice, but given that the blogger also made mean comments about Minaj’s one year old son, malice might not be so hard to prove here.  And celebrities don’t like to give more publicity to a hurtful statement than it otherwise would have garnered, which is likely the case given that you probably didn’t read it on the gossip blog that has about fifty thousand followers, until Minaj told her two hundred million followers about it.

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