Changing Back to Maiden Name

One man had a fit when he saw his ex-wife’s LinkedIn profile. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A British woman received a barrage of angry emails from her ex-husband  when he saw on her LinkedIn profile that she hadn’t gone back to her maiden name after the divorce. A 2020 study found that in the US, seventy percent of women take their husbands’ names when they get married. But if they divorce, can he make her give it back? Nope. Whether she chooses to go back to her maiden name is not something the law or a judge can force her to do.

 Now, in a divorce, you can always negotiate about whether she’ll agree to go back to her maiden name, and if she agrees to make the change then as part of the divorce decree, it can be legally changed back, although she’d still need to notify the social security office and get a new drivers’ license, but the British woman said she preferred his last name, and keeping it was really the only good thing to come out of the marriage so she wasn’t gonna give it back. 

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