Burning Bacon Lawsuit

A federal court just ruled in the case of the burning bacon. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

An Illinois man realized his bacon, sizzling on a skillet on the stove, was burning, so he raced to the stove and in the process banged his head on the canopy range hood. Ta daaa!  So he sued Whirlpool, the hood’s manufacturer, because the installation instruction manual didn’t say it was possible to install the hood higher than 24 inches above the cooking surface, which he argued was a design defect and he wouldn’t have been injured had it been installed higher. 

Or, maybe, you know, if he had been paying attention to either his bacon or the range hood which was clearly visible. Or if he were less clumsy. But according to the lawsuit, just the stuff about the hood height. The court, however, said the instruction manual’s information was not a design defect, and the height of the hood was not the proximate cause of his injury which, according to the court, was more likely his hurry to save the bacon. And so his lawsuit could not be saved from dismissal.

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