Lawsuit Against Six-Year-Old Bullies

It’s a case that makes you wonder who’s being the baby here. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

There’s no doubt that kids can be mean. But they’ve nothing on the parents of a first grader, who filed a forty-eight million dollar lawsuit for emotional distress because their child was, according to the suit, punched, kicked, and bullied at school. But they didn’t just sue the school or even the parents of the accused bullies. They also sued the two six-year-olds, using their names in the filing, whom they say did the bullying. 

And to prove a case against anyone, you’d have to prove that the defendants, through extreme and outrageous behavior, intended to cause the plaintiff emotional distress. It would hardly be considered extreme or outrageous for a six-year-old to behave, well, like a six-year-old. What is outrageous is that the mother who filed the suit is currently running as a candidate for San Diego Assembly. As if a politician’s reputation could be further harmed, she’s now made a name for herself by bullying six-year-olds.

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