Wine Label Lawsuit

If you think the label on your wine bottle is scary, you’ll just have to imagine what’s in the bottle. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

Purple Death, Black Cat, and 19 Crimes all sound like they could be true crime podcasts, but they’re actually all Halloween-themed wines with spooky pictures on the label. But what’s even scarier than what’s on the label is what isn’t on the label. Right now, the only things the law requires on a wine label are the brand name, wine type, alcohol content, bottle volume, sulfite content, and the producer’s name and address.  

Ingredients—even those of common allergens—and nutritional content are not required. But that might soon change now that a lawsuit was just filed by consumer organizations to force comprehensive labeling requirements on all alcoholic beverages. Until the organizations win the lawsuit though, if you want to find out the ingredients in your wine, you’re going to have to go to the wine producer’s website and be your own detective.

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