Texas Pete Class Action Lawsuit

One man got himself hot and bothered over a bottle of hot sauce. I’m Amy E. Feldman.

A California man filed a class action lawsuit against hot sauce maker Texas Pete for false advertising, claiming he—and others like him—were deceived into believing that the product was manufactured in Texas, when it’s actually made in North Carolina.  

Unlike Louisiana hot sauce, which is a style of hot sauce that can be made anywhere in the same way that Buffalo wings don’t have to come from Buffalo, New York, and Baked Alaska doesn’t have to be made by a wasted chef in Anchorage, the suit claims that when a product uses the name Texas, the reference is not to the style of food but to its place of origin, and consumers are being misled into buying it because they think it’s made in Texas. Or—hear me out—they’re buying it because it tastes good and NOT because they cared where it was bottled, which is why a judge may very well decide that this case is all hat, no cattle.

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